Dashcam footage shows Uber driver begging for life before being killed by passenger

Last week, the alleged killer of a mother of four was arrested by police after her final moments were captured on a dashcam video from the Uber car she was driving at the time.

The woman was found murdered in the Pittsburgh area last weekend, and the killer was taken into custody and charged with homicide once the footage was recovered on Thursday.

Calvin Crew, 22-years-old, is the suspect in the case according to court documents as well as local media reports. Police in Allegheny County said that Crew was pictured in the footage terrorizing Christine Spicuzza, 38-years-old, and holding a gun to her head while she was driving the vehicle.

Spicuzza was reported missing by her family after she did not return home from her shift Uber driving on February 11, and her body was recovered the next day.

Spicuzza’s boyfriend told police at the time that he had purchased a dash camera for her work, although investigators could not locate the device among the items found in her car. But once it was recovered, police saw that Spicuzza was pleading with Crew to spare her life after he pulled a gun on her.

“Come on, I have a family,” she begged, as the video apparently showed Crew placing a firearm at the back of her head. “I got a family, too, now drive,” he replied. 

Crew reportedly forced her to drive through several neighborhoods in Allegheny County while he accessed her wallets on her phone. “I’m begging you, I have four kids,” she kept pleading. “Keep driving,” Crew responded. “Do what I say and everything will be all right.”

The dashcam eventually shut off, and although it was not immediately clear what took place once the camera went dark, authorities noted that it was likely “terrifying for Christine.”

Her body was found the next morning in the town of Monroeville with one gunshot wound to her head. Crew was arrested, detained, and charged with homicide and robbery, as well as tampering with evidence. Police have indicated that robbery was his primary motive. 




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