Colorado Gov. says Democrats should push vaccines and masks as matters ‘of personal responsibility’

In an interview this weekend, Colorado Governor Jared Polis said he believes the Democrat Party should discuss masks and COVID-19 vaccines as a “matter of personal responsibility” instead of pushing mandates, which are politically divisive.

Polis appeared on CNN’s State of the Union this weekend to discuss the pandemic after being praised for his handling of the pandemic with Colorado having low death rates and high vaccination rates.

Polis told host Dana Bash he believes his party can be more unifying in its COVID messaging by “talking about masks and vaccines as a matter of personal responsibility, as a data-driven way to reduce your own personal risk,” instead of being “stuck in this dichotomy of mandate versus no mandate.”

The governor advised any political candidates looking to gain favorability with voters in his party to move away from the discussion of mandates, and shift their messaging more toward an appeal to reason.

“Americans of all persuasions…react very negatively, rightfully so, to being told or forced to do something,” he said. “So I think it’s about winning over hearts and minds, about practical steps we can take to protect ourselves.”

Regarding whether he believes COVID-19 is nearing an end, the governor responded that preparing “for an uncertain future” should be the main focus right now.




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