Black Lives Matter chapter spends $100K to bail out activist charged with attempted murder

After a local Black Lives Matter chapter posted his $100,000 bond through a bail fund, the 21-year-old activist charged with attempting to murder a Kentucky mayoral candidate was set free from jail.

On Wednesday, Quintez Brown’s cash bond was paid by the Louisville Community Bail Fund, which operates as an arm of Black Lives Matter Louisville.

Brown has been accused of firing several shots inside the Louisville office of mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg on Monday, but he was released from the Metro Department of Corrections just a few hours after he was taken into custody.

The organizer of BLM Louisville Chanelle Helm, who co-founded the bail fund, said that Brown would be safer out of prison, and she claimed that he was likely suffering from PTSD following two years of social unrest on top of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In this case, we’re dealing with someone that has mental health issues,” Helm commented. “They are calling for this individual, this young man who needs support and help, to be punished to the full extent. It is a resounding message that people are down for the torture that has taken place in our jails and prisons.”

On its social media page, the Louisville bail fund says that it “exists to not only bail out folks, but provide post-release support to get them from jail, fed, and to a situation of safety.”

Brown was arrested and charged with attempted murder after he opened fire using a 9mm Glock handgun inside Greenberg’s campaign office earlier this week. Although Greenberg was not struck by any of the rounds, he said a bullet grazed his sweater.

But not everyone is pleased that Brown was set free. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell took to twitter on Thursday, criticizing the bail fund and saying that the “innocent people of Louisville deserve better.”

He continued, “Less than 48 hours after a far-left Black Lives Matter activist tried to literally murder a politician, the radical left bailed their comrade out of jail. It is just jaw-dropping.”

For now, Brown, a University of Louisville student who is running as an independent candidate for Louisville’s metro council, has been fitted with an ankle monitor and will remain on house arrest prior to his trial.




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