San Jose postpones COVID-19 booster mandate after hundreds of employees fail to comply

The city of San Jose, California, has reached its previously set deadline of February 11 for all city employees to show proof of being fully vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19, or agree to biweekly testing if they chose to forgo the jabs.

“Our goal is really not to discipline employees,” San Jose Human Resource Director Jennifer Schembri said. “Our goal is to get people boosted, and to the extent that we can give additional time to get more people into compliance, that is what we want to do.”

As of the deadline, 95 percent of the city’s employees were fully vaccinated, but only 82 percent were boosted, leaving about 800 workers currently in defiance of the order.

The city plans to open more vaccination sites and hold employee vaccination clinics in the coming weeks, which they expect will increase employee compliance with vaccine requirements. Those employees who opt not to receive vaccines or boosters are still able to select the biweekly testing option, as well as forgo one week of pay.

City employees are also allowed to file a religious or medical exemption for the vaccine. About 50 employee exemption filings are under review currently.




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