Judge denies emergency order for NYC hospital to give ivermectin to COVID patient

A Manhattan judge denied an emergency use of ivermectin for a New York COVID-19 patient. The judge said she would not force a hospital to give a non-FDA approved treatment to patients.

According to the New York Post, Erika Quintero-Sherry sued Mount Sinai Hospital on January 26th with the hopes of gaining an emergency order for ivermectin to be given to her husband who had been nearing death after contracting COVID-19. The judge ruled she would not grant the emergency request to force the hospital staff to administer the unapproved drug.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Lynn Kotler said Quintero-Sherry had limited evidence, and she did not feel comfortable going against doctor’s recommendations.

The decision reads, “Plaintiff would have this court order defendants to administer an unapproved treatment to her husband against defendants’ medical opinion rendered in the independent exercise of their professional judgment. Indeed, the record reveals that if prescribed ivermectin, Mr. Chernyavsky’s condition may very well worsen.”

Kolter continued, stating, “The prevailing view in the medical community… is that ivermectin should not be prescribed,” as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the FDA.

“Plaintiff’s paltry showing is insufficient to overcome the mountain of evidence showing that ivermectin is not presently safe or effective in the treatment of COVID-19,” she wrote. Despite Kolter’s rejection of the emergency motion, the rest of the case must still go to court.




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