Hackers leak names of ‘Freedom Convoy’ donors after GiveSendGo breach

A group of hackers on Sunday night released a list of names of people who allegedly gave to the GiveSendGo campaign for the participants in the Freedom Convoy taking on trucker vaccine mandates from Canada. A leak site said it received a cache of information, which included that of donors. 

GiveSendGo’s website on Monday said that it was “under maintenance” just hours after it was hijacked and redirected to a page that apparently was being controlled by the hackers.

The hacker-controlled page, which made condemnations of the truckers who have been stationed around Canada’s capital and disrupting traffic for over a week, no longer loads on the site.

The page also posted a link to a file that contained records numbering tens of thousands of what was noted as “raw donation data” on those who had donated to the campaign.

Not long after, the nonprofit leak site Distributed Denial of Secrets said it had been given 30 megabytes of donor information from GiveSendGo, which included self-reported names, email addresses, and ZIP codes as well as IP addresses.

Distributed Denial of Secrets, known for its hosting sets of leaked data involving some far-right groups, said the data would only be given to researchers and journalists. 

GiveSendGo ended up being the primary crowdfunding service used on behalf of the Freedom Convoy last month following GoFundMe shutting down the original campaign hosted on its site. Stopping that campaign meant millions of dollars were frozen after the company cited police reports of violence across Ottawa.

A Canadian court over the weekend issued an order banning access to the funds collected by GiveSendGo, but the company said it would defy that order. 




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