Google announces it will phase out cross-app ads on Android

Google announced this week that it will soon phase out all cross-app advertisements on Android operating systems in a continued effort to curb the sharing of users’ private data.

The change comes after Apple Inc. changed its ad policy to restrict data-collection by advertisers. The change cost then-Facebook, now known as Meta, $10 billion in ad revenue last year, so Google’s announcement is sure to shake up the marketing industry. 

The specific change will be that instead of assigning Android users unique ID numbers that advertisers use to track their activity and put highly-targeted ads on their screens, Google will instead use an updated, privacy-based approach that will limit what user data advertisers can see.

The effort to increase user privacy across the Android operating system is called the “Privacy Sandbox.” In its announcement, Google wrote, “The Privacy Sandbox on Android builds on our existing efforts on the web, providing a clear path forward to improve user privacy without putting access to free content and services at risk.”

Politicians in Washington are also focused on privacy when it comes to the internet. Democrats introduced a bill last week that would severely restrict – and almost phase out altogether – targeted advertising.




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