Female Malaysian minister tells men to ‘gently’ beat their ‘stubborn’ wives 

A female Malaysian minister has advised her male compatriots to “gently” beat their “stubborn” wives, thus disciplining them for “unruly” behavior. The minister’s statement has been met with a flurry of criticism.

Malaysian minister Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff said in a two-minute video on Instagram that men should discipline their “stubborn” wives by speaking to them. If that doesn’t change their behavior, then they must sleep separately for three days. If the wife still refuses listen to her husband, then men can try the ‘physical’ approach.

The minister said that the men may “gently” beat their wives, “to show his severity and to show how badly he wants her to change.”

The minister also requested that women only speak to their husbands if they have permission. “Speak to your spouse when they are calm, have eaten, prayed and are relaxed,” she said. “If we want to speak, we have to ask permission first.”

The Joint Action Group for Gender Equality, a coalition of women’s rights organizations, accuses Siti Zailah of normalizing domestic violence. The coalition asks for her resignation.

“As a minister responsible for defending equality between women and men and women’s right to protection and security, this is appalling and denies women the right to equality, the right to dignity and the right to be free from degrading treatment,” he said. the.

The minister has faced a criticism in the past. In 2020 she made headlines when she said that women should “accept and forgive” their abusive husbands.




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