Washington D.C. drops COVID-19 vaccine requirement to enter businesses

Washington, D.C., has removed the vaccine mandate requiring people show proof of COVID-19 vaccination before entering businesses Tuesday.

Democratic Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser had announced that restrictions that were put in place in December would expire on Feb. 15, according to the Washington Post.

Additionally, she stated that effective March 1, the city’s mask requirement in indoor public venues will be eliminated, the outlet reported. Bowser has said that businesses can choose to keep the mandate in place if they wish to do so.

The mandate first took effect on January 15 due a spike in Covid-19 cases linked to the omicron variant, after similar measures had already been enacted in cities like New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia.

Bowser’s decision to end the vaccine requirement was met with pushback by some residents and D.C. Council members Monday, at least one of whom questioned what specific metrics motivated the move. 

Others called the move premature, adding that it could increase health risks for immunocompromised residents while potentially discouraging people from patronizing businesses if they felt safer with the mandates in place.

Elissa Silverman tweeted; “On a call w admin Friday, I acknowledged political pressure to lift mask & vaccine mandates. I asked @DC_OCA what metrics @MayorBowser would use to lift mask & vaccine mandates; I was told Mayor did not make decisions on politics & question would be answered. What was answer?”




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