Sen. Roger Marshall calls for GOP to make President Biden take a cognitive test over health concerns

GOP Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas recently expressed interest in having President Joe Biden take an annual test to assess his cognitive abilities, as he cited concern for the president’s health. Marshall made the comments on Sunday during an interview on Fox News. 

“I think we’re all concerned for President Biden’s mental health,” said Marshall, a physician as well as junior senator. He added that he believes there has been a “deterioration” in the “mental capacity” of the president in the past year.

“Maybe we need to be proactive and ask once a year, much like we ask our president to get a physical, something from his doctor, that he also takes some type of mental test,” Marshall continued. 

The senator went on to say that it could be an action he may look into with Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, both of whom are Republicans. “I think we’re all very concerned about his health and it is a national security issue,” Marshall said.

It was reported last year that worries over Biden’s mental fitness are most common among Republicans who support former President Donald Trump, but some GOP members disagree. GOP Sen. Shelley Moore Capito said that Biden was “sharp as a tack” in the meetings she had with him. 

On Tuesday, 38 Republicans penned a letter sent to the president that requested he take a cognitive test. Biden, who turned 79 this past November, is the oldest person to ever be elected to serve as president. Following his annual physical exam that same month, his doctor described him as “healthy,” “vigorous,” and “fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency,” as noted in the summary report.




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