Ocean plastic to quadruple by 2050, World Wildlife Fund says

A recent World Wildlife Fund (WWF) report states that ocean plastic pollution is on track to quadruple by 2050.

The WWF commissioned a review of voer 2,590 studies to provide a comprehensive analysis of the current plastic pollution situation in our oceans. 

According to the WWF, the current state of plastic pollution in our oceans is impacting our ocean ecosystems at alarming rates. The review projected plastic pollution in oceans to more than double by 2040 and quadruple by 2050. The amount of marine microplastic is also anticipated to increase 50-fold by the end of the century. 

The alarming news did not end there. As a result of an increase in plastic pollution, the report stated that many areas will suffer significant ecological risks, which will only slow current conservation efforts.

The increase in marine microplastic is expected to exceed dangerous thresholds of microplastic concentrations in many marine areas. In fact, in some areas like the Mediterranean, the East China and Yellow Seas, and the Arctic sea ice, microplastic concentrations have already exceeded the microplastic concentration threshold of 1.21 x 10^5 items per cubic meter. 

When marine areas exceed this threshold, dangerous ecological effects are more likely to occur. Heike Vesper, Director of Marine Programme for WWF Germany, said, “All evidence suggests that plastic contamination of the ocean is irreversible. Once distributed in the ocean, plastic waste is almost impossible to retrieve. It steadily degrades and so the concentration of micro- and nano plastics will continue to increase for decades. If governments, industry and society act in unison now, they can still limit the plastic crisis.”




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