Middle school students beat up teacher who told them not to ride dirt bikes on campus

Four middle school students at Aragon Middle School in Houston have been arrested after they attacked a high school teacher and broke his arm.

The Langham Creek High School physics teacher and assistant baseball coach, Michael Schott, was in the middle of baseball practice last Thursday when a middle schooler began riding a dirt bike on the field.

Schott told them they could not ride the bike on campus. Shortly after the student left, he returned with three other students from Aragon Middle School, and the four proceeded to chase and beat up Schott.

Seen on cell phone video taken by one of the middle schoolers, Schott runs from the gang of teens as they chase him around the outside of the building. The teens eventually caught up with Schott, knocking him to the ground. Schott was able to get back up and escape the teens but suffered a broken arm as a result of the attack.

The following day, the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District reported that it received a threat of violence at Langham Creek High School, prompting extra security measures and a tense school day for students.

“They got arrested and their older friends threatened to shoot up our school. We couldn’t walk around unless we had an ID badge, they wouldn’t even let us in,” Sophomore Alena Gonzales told KPRC.

It is still unclear whether the teens will face charges as a result of the attack, but the school district issued a statement saying, “We will not tolerate anyone compromising the safe environment of our campuses, and will address violations to the greatest extent possible.”




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