Ex-employee sentenced to federal prison for bribery scheme to defraud Amazon

A former Amazon employee has been sentenced to ten months in federal prison after he bribed Amazon workers to feed him confidential information he then used to manipulate listings on Amazon and enrich himself.

Rohit Kadimisetty, who moved to Northridge, California after he worked for Amazon in India, was part of the international fraud and bribery scheme that will send him to prison and has his four accomplices awaiting trial.

The group allegedly bribed employees working for Amazon in order to access information that could help them gain an advantage in the Amazon Marketplace.

The Department of Justice claims the group “misuse[d] their employee privileges and access to internal information, systems, and tools.”

The DoJ says they worked as “consultants” for third-party sellers on Amazon, and by bribing Amazon employees for insider information, they were able to gain advantages for listings that would ultimately make them richer. The DoJ reports the bribes totalled about $100,000.

In a statement responding to the verdict, Amazon said, “We work hard to create a trustworthy shopping experience by protecting customers, selling partners, and Amazon from fraud and abuse, and we have systems in place to detect suspicious behavior. There is no place for fraud at Amazon and we will continue to pursue all measures to protect our store and hold bad actors accountable.”




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