CNN poll: Neither Trump nor Biden have their party’s full support for a 2024 run

A large number of both Republicans and Democrats hope to see their respective parties find alternative leading candidates to former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.

The report comes according to a new CNN poll that was conducted by SSRS, but results showed that few respondents had candidates in mind. 

The survey was conducted over January and into the first week of February and determined that only 45 percent of Democratic as well as Democratic-leaning voters wanted to see their party nominate Biden once again in 2024, but 51 percent indicated their preference for another candidate.

Republicans and Republican-leaning voters were almost evenly split between wanting Trump nominated again, 50 percent of respondents, or wanting another candidate, 49 percent of respondents.

As the upcoming presidential primaries are still almost two years away, the poll numbers do not exactly predict how the nomination process will turn out by that time.

The findings do show, though, how the parties look currently: Both are very divided regarding whether to support their current party leaders, but neither have looked to another person as an alternative so far.

Furthermore, the findings suggest that that the hesitance over both Trump and Biden comes from concerns over electability and other things rather than the fact that the respective parties do not want them to be president. The numbers for Biden and Trump seem to be mellow compared with poll results on a similar question.

In March of 2010, during former President Barack Obama’s first term in office, almost 8 in 10 Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters responded that they wanted the party to nominate Obama again. In March 2018, Republican and Republican-leaning voters were also solidly behind Trump’s renomination at 77 percent.




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