Former Trudeau advisor threatens to sue Jordan Peterson for calling him ‘corrupt’

Former Trudeau advisor Gerry Butts has threatened to sue Dr. Jordan Peterson for calling him “corrupt” on Twitter. Butts took to Twitter to express his grievances, calling out Peterson directly (Post Millenial).

“I gave Dr. Peterson three chances and a week to clean up his own room. He declined so he’ll be hearing from my legal counsel shortly. All proceeds after legal fees will be donated to shelters for women fleeing abuse in Ottawa,” Butts tweeted. The former staffer for Trudeau has previously resigned amid allegations from the SNC-Lavalin scandal. 

The altercation arose after Butts commented that the “MAGA wing of the Conservative movement in Canada… staged a hostile takeover” of Ottawa and Edmonton. Peterson responded on Twitter with, “You are stunningly corrupt and incendiary fool @gmbutts and the story will be the cowardice of your leader @JustinTrudeau and the lies of your damnable lying calumnous cronies.”

Butts hit back saying he would give Peterson a limited amount of time to rethink his tweet. Peterson said, “I’ve been threatened by people a lot more terrifying and able than you @gmbutts and your calumnious compatriots. So watch yourself and your loose mouth.”

The exchange continued as Butts responded, “At least you spelled calumnious right this time. But calling me ‘corrupt’ is accusing me of the crime of using my former public office dishonestly for personal gain. That’s defamatory. Perhaps you’re not aware of that, so I’ll give you another chance to retract and apologize.”

The two continued to go back and forth before Butts threatened legal actions. Peterson responded to the threats saying, “My defence is firmly in place, legal and financial, so we’ll both get a chance to air our dirty laundry. And I wouldn’t count on having too much to donate to your charitable cause when the smoke clears.”




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