Biden administration releases plans for evacuations if Russia were to invade Ukraine

A spokesman for the Biden administration told NBC News on Wednesday that US soldiers who were recently deployed to Poland and Romania amid fears of a Russian invasion into Ukraine may be called to help evacuate American citizens who are in the region if Russia does attack.

The White House has prepared a plan for evacuation of Americans should the need arise. The 82nd Airborne Division, deployed last week, would be sent to set up checkpoints where US citizens could receive medical screenings and logistical support from US forces in the event they need to exit Ukraine and enter Poland.

While an evacuation of Americans has not been issued yet, President Biden warned anyone in the country who can leave, should. “I’d hate to see them get caught in a crossfire,” Biden said of US government employees who might be in Ukraine.

It is still unclear whether Russia plans to enter Ukraine, but the Biden administration and NATO have warned the Kremlin that any incursion would be met with retaliation. Thus far Russia has amassed about 130,000 troops along the Ukrainian border in an attempt to strongarm NATO into permanently banning Ukraine from becoming a member.




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