Rep. Kinzinger says he’ll tell his son that Donald Trump ‘was the worst president America ever had’

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) has declared that former President Donald Trump is “the worst president the United States of America has ever had” during an interview after being censured by the Republican National committee.

In said interview with CNN, the now shunned Republican representative discussed the recent birth of his son, Christian, and said that he wanted his son to get “a full accounting of what happened on January 6th” when he’s old enough (Business Insider). “That’s going to be something I think in 5 or 10 years is going to be hard to explain if you’re not on the side of truth,” Kinzinger said.

John Berman, the anchor for CNN’s “New Day” asked Kinzinger what he would tell his son about the former president. Kinzinger responded, “I’m going to tell him he was the worst president the United States of America ever had. He was a liar. He was a charlatan.”

Kinzinger went on to add that Trump was “a man with a more fragile ego than anybody I’ve ever met” and he “walks around like the tough guy, but he’s the one that gets more offended and wounded and sad than anybody I know.”

Kinzinger is one of two Republicans who notoriously served on the January 6 committee. He continued to talk about Trump’s presidency saying, “I’m also going to tell him that it was the moment that I hope America hit the bottom of its slide towards authoritarianism, and the moment we woke up. I think we’re going to look back and say, wow that was a moment we might have flown too close to the sun, and we can never do that again.”




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