Colorado voters may get to weigh in this year on whether to keep daylight saving time

A new resolution is set to be introduced to the Colorado Senate that would put ending daylight saving time in Colorado on the midterm ballot this year.

Sen. Jeff Bridges (D-Greenwood Village) has plans to unveil a two-part resolution later this week that would add a measure for ending daylight saving time to the midterm ballot in November.

The first part deals with actually putting the measure on the ballot, and the second part states that if voters decide to drop the time change, the measure would only take effect once Congress approves a bill that allows states to stay on standard time year-round.

“Changing the clocks twice a year is insanity,” Bridges said in an interview with Colorado Politics. He added the time change leads to negative effects like health problems, traffic accidents and “parents to lose their minds when they have their kids on a regular sleep schedule and then have to change it by an hour.” He continued, “It is a ridiculous relic of the past that almost no one thinks is a good idea.”

The National Conference of State Legislatures reports that in the past several years, 19 states have passed similar resolutions, planning to end daylight saving time once Congress approves a measure to allow them to do so.




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