First Lady Jill Biden says Build Back Better is ‘not a football,’ shouldn’t be treated like a game

On Monday, First Lady Jill Biden said that legislation, specifically the Build Back Better agenda, should not be tossed around or treated like a game.

She noted that the legislation impacts everyone as she expressed disappointment with how lawmakers decided to cut free community college from her husband’s progressive plan.

“Build Back Better isn’t just a piece of legislation and it’s certainly not a football to pass or pivot,” Biden said regarding the president’s crucial package. “Governing isn’t a game. There are no teams to root for or against, just people, Americans from all walks of life who need help and hope.” The First Lady’s remarks came during the speech she gave at the Community College National Legislative Summit.

A study conducted by the Federal Trade Commission in 2020 found that free community college would raise enrollment by 26 percent and likely improve welfare for those community college students. But the president announced in October the idea to remove the free community schooling portion of the Build Back Better agenda.

The First Lady, who currently is a professor teaching at the community college level, was looking to encourage fellow Americans with her speech in support of free community college. 

The framework of the Build Back Better agenda that was being propped up at the end of 2021 has almost been completely killed mainly due to opposition by Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin.

Some comments made by the president and on Capitol Hill have hinted at the idea that the bill could be broken up and passed in chunks or reworked.

The First Lady argued that when legislation becomes a back and forth battle between parties, “Americans get lost in the playbook.” She added that even if one particular party “wins,” the other does not exactly “lose.” She continued, “All of us must do our part because the decisions that are made in the halls of Congress and the rooms of the White House affect us all.” 




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