California teacher criticizes student for ‘thin blue line’ mask: ‘That’s the new confederacy flag’

A substitute teacher in California was caught on camera criticizing a 13-year-old student wearing a pro-police thin blue line face mask, saying it’s the new version of the Confederate flag.

Lucas Lillar was wearing the mask featuring a thin blue line in support of law enforcement when he was confronted by the educator last Monday in his math class at Lyman Gilmore Middle School in Grass Valley, Fox News reported.

“That’s not the American flag, that’s the new Confederacy flag,” the teacher could be heard saying in the video. “Well, we can’t do the Confederate, but we can put up the red, white and blue. No, it’s black, white, with some blue line in it,” the substitute continued.

Lillar replied, “Yeah, it’s got the thin blue line.” The teacher replied, “Yeah, but it’s not American.” Lillar said he was scratching his head over the exchange, which he claims lasted 20 minutes.

“I was confused because I didn’t know what he was talking about at first. And then he kept saying that is un-American and how if police don’t like you, they’ll shoot you,” he told “Granthshala & Friends.”

Lillar’s mother, Amanda McCallum, said the principal assured her that the substitute would not be allowed to teach in the district again. “The next step that we’re working on is putting statements together so that he can not teach again in the state,” she told the outlet.

Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Scott W. Lay said the incident is under investigation.

“We expect all educators to perform their duties with utmost respect and professionalism to afford our youth an environment conducive to learning. The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing that governs educator credentials will be informed of this incident,” Lay said in a statement to CBS13.




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