President Biden sets first-year record with 6.6 million jobs added amid COVID recovery

Employers added a record 6.6 million during the first year of the Biden administration, setting a record for any president.

The January jobs report pushed Biden just over 6 million. However, he far exceeded the previous record holder, Jimmy Carter, who gained 3.9 million jobs in his first year in office.

According to CNN, Donald Trump gained just 2 million jobs in his first 12 months in office. Currently, jobs are up 4.6% from where overall employment was at in January 2021. That comes in second for best percentage gain, just behind Carter’s 4.8%. However, his numbers are certainly helped by the fact that the economy is coming back after taking a heavy hit during the pandemic in 2020.

Overall, last year saw an economic growth of 5.7%, which is the best year since 1984 under Ronald Reagan. Time continues to play a role in the job gain under Biden, as he took office just as the vaccine rollout began.

Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley, a professor at Rice University, said, “That’s the rule of presidential history: We tend to over-credit presidents when the economy is good and beat them to a pulp when it’s bad.”

Still, some are giving credit to Biden saying his $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package from March was crucial for job gains. Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics suggested that the unprecedented level of stimulus pumped into the economy created an additional 700,000 jobs.

Despite this, Biden is still scoring poorly in public polls. CNN’s poll shows Biden at a 42% approval rating of his job performance, which is one of the worst first-year approval ratings of any president.




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