Report finds Tucker Carlson donated to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s campaign in 2021

This week, The Hill released a report showing Fox News host Tucker Carlson donated to Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s reelection campaign in September last year, and that the money helped fund a controversial rifle giveaway held by Greene’s campaign.

The FEC filing published by The Hill on Tuesday shows Carlson made a $250 donation, in his own name, to “Marjorie Taylor Greene for Congress” on September 15, 2021, and listed “Fox News” as his employer.

A source “familiar with the donation” told The Hill Carlson made the donation in connection with a bid he placed on a rifle Greene’s campaign was giving away in a raffle to raise funds for the race.

The raffle, which offered supporters a chance to win a Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle that Greene featured in a commercial that sparked criticism from gun advocacy advocates. In the commercial, Greene appeared lying on her stomach in the bed of a truck, firing at a car that had the word ‘socialist’ written on its side.

The voiceover for the ad features Greene saying, “Joe Biden abandoned Americans in Afghanistan, got 13 of our best soldiers killed, gave a kill list of Americans to the Taliban, And armed an Islamic terrorist nation with $83 billion in weapons… like this one,” and follows up by offering supporters a chance to win a weapon like it by donating to her campaign.

Carlson’s donation is controversial because most news outlets do not allow their on-air personalities to donate to political campaigns, though over time several have done so in spite of the contractual guidelines. “Television news hosts are generally prohibited, or at least strongly discouraged, from donating to political campaigns,” says the Washington Post.




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