NBC poll shows Republican and Democrat parties both unpopular with Americans

The latest NBC News poll shows both major parties are highly unpopular with Americans currently, and also highlights a sharp divide within each party.

The NBC News poll, released on Tuesday, showed both parties underwater when it comes to popularity, with the Democrats enjoying only a 33 percent favorable rating and the GOP barely out-scoring them with an favorable rating of only 34 percent. Their respective disapproval ratings came in at 48 and 44 percent.

The poll also shows the GOP’s internal split between Trump supporters and those who simply wish to support the party. Pro-Trump Republicans give Trump a 90 percent approval rating and a 0 percent disapproval rating.

The Democrats are not faring much better when it comes to party unity, according to the poll. NBC says “About 40 percent of Democrats say they supported Biden during the 2020 primaries, 30 percent say they backed Bernie Sanders and 12 percent sided with Elizabeth Warren.”

The poll also showed most Americans agree on the top three issues in the United States right now, with 42 percent of respondents listing the economy and coronavirus as their top two, followed by 25 percent of respondents saying voting rights is the next most important issue at hand in the country today.




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