Florida Senate passes bipartisan bills on abortion, addiction, immigration, and more

Democratic and Republican Florida lawmakers came together to pass 20 bills on abortion and immigration this Thursday, almost all unanimously.

The Miami Herald reported that the state Senate unanimously passed the 40 redrawn Senate district maps and 120 redrawn House district maps a day after they were approved by the House.

Additionally, the legislation authorizes schools to stock and use medications to counteract opioid overdose and requires insurance companies to provide aide coverage for kids.

The bill would include naloxone, which could be given by trained school staff to recognize an opioid overdose. A doctor would be required for drug use protocols. Republican State Senator Jim Boyd, the bill’s sponsor said, “Children are dying in schools because of overdoses. It’s sad, but it’s true. This will be a great step in saving lives.”

The Senate also passed a bill that would require insurance companies to provide hearing aid for those under 18. Senate President Wilton Simpson said, “It’s the right thing to do. These are kids that if you get this early enough on, will develop a vocabulary, will develop in school and develop as a human.” 

Another bill was passed by the Senate that would make it easier for those who have experienced addiction or mental health struggles to provide services to peers going through something similar. 




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