Man accused of killing Virginia cop sues police chief for excessive force, lack of training

A Newport News man who was arrested and charged with the killing of a local police officer last year is now suing the Newport News Police Chief for alleged excessive force and lack of officer training.

Vernon Green, who is accused of killing former officer Katie Thyne last year during a traffic stop, has penned a ten-page handwritten civil suit alleging Thyne used excessive force, leading to her death, and seeking damages in the amount of $100,000, as well as accusing the Police Chief Steve Drew of not sufficiently training his officers.

Green was pulled over in a park in 2020 after a drug report and he and his passenger were asked to exit the vehicle. When Green asked for identification and a reason he was being asked to get out of the car, the officers continued to ask him to exit the vehicle. Green then accelerated, dragging Thyne almost a block before crashing, pinning Thyne between the car and a tree, according to police.

Green’s lawsuit alleges Thyne and her partner refused to provide any identification proving they were law enforcement or give him a reason he needed to exit the vehicle. He says when he accelerated to leave the scene, Thyne jumped into the driver’s seat and began choking him, which he says was excessive force because he posed no threat.

He accuses Drew of lack of proper officer training, leading to Thyne’s actions and ultimately, her death. The lawsuit also seeks $1.1 million in damages. 

Drew gave a statement to WTKR News3 on Friday, saying, “If Mr. Green had not driven away and committed the act that he did, Officer Thyne would be alive today.” Green is due to appear in court again in November.




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