Indian hospital apologizes after using Morgan Freeman’s photo in advertisement

A hospital in Kerala’s Kozhikode has apologised for using the photo of actor Morgan Freeman to promote their skincare treatment facility.

The ad led to an outcry, with many calling it out for being ‘racist and ignorant’. The advertisement featured the 84-year-old actor and said, “Get your skin tags, DPNs, warts, milia, molluscum and comedones removed through simple procedures easily in a single visit.”

The photo was widely criticised on social media for its racial undertones. Some users on Twitter tagged Freeman himself.

“Sir Morgan Freeman, your picture is used as a poster at a dermatology department advt board in hospital in Kerala, India,” wrote one Twitter user. “Using your picture as a sample, they are claiming to make everyone free from dark tan, wrinkles, pigments….”

“Oh, my god! The dermatology department of a Kerala cooperative hospital is using the photo of Morgan Freeman to claim they can remove warts & skin tags in a single visit! Show respect & basic courtesy, people!
@morgan_freeman,” a netizen commented. “Disgusting,” another one wrote.

The hospital took down the ad and offered an apology. “The picture was taken from the internet and the board displayed near the casualty on January 26 (Wednesday). When we came to know about the gaffe, it was removed on Saturday,” T Sunil, the marketing manager of the hospital, told The New Indian Express.

“The hospital has issued an apology on its Facebook page. There was no intention to defame the great actor,” he added.




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