Alex Jones says he was ‘interrogated’ by Jan. 6th committee, pled the 5th repeatedly

InfoWars host Alex Jones met with the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot on Monday, Jones revealed during his broadcast that night.

A source familiar with the investigation confirmed the meeting to CNN. “I just had a very intense experience being interrogated by the January 6 committee,” Jones said on his broadcast on Monday. “They were polite, but they were dogged.”

Jones said that, by his lawyer’s count, he had pleaded the Fifth Amendment “almost 100 times” and that he had been told to do so “on advice of counsel.”

Jones said that while he had wanted to answer the questions, he had concerns that the January 6th committee would twist his words.

“The questions were overall pretty reasonable,” Jones said. “And I wanted to answer the questions, but at the same time it’s a good thing I didn’t, because I’m the type that tries to answer things correctly even though I don’t know all the answers, and they can kind of claim that that’s perjury, because about half the questions I didn’t know the answer to.”

Jones has referred to the storming of the Capitol as “so stupid and so dumb,” adding that he did not support it. “But I don’t support that million people that came there, and a tiny fraction went to the Capitol, and they’re all being called terrorists,” he said.




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