Tiktok trend known as ‘unboxing by husband’ condemned by Malaysian religious leaders

A Malaysian viral trend on social media platform Tiktok in which newly married Muslim husbands remove their new bride’s head accessories on video, has come under fire by some religious leaders in Malaysia.

The online trend features newlywed couples standing in front of mirrors in their wedding attire. The husband then begins slowly removing the new bride’s head accessories, usually leaving the hijab in place.

The action has been met with criticism by religious leaders. Mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin, in the state of Perlis, told reporters a man filming acts like removing his wife’s head accessories is similar to “selling the wife. This pride to show off what belongs to them, including uploading content of themselves unboxing, is only for likes,” he said.

Director of Malaysia’s Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department, Mohd Ajib, told the newspaper Harian Metro, “Husbands should protect and preserve their family members from performing acts that invite the wrath of Allah as well as call on them to obey Allah and abandon His prohibitions including immoral culture and contrary to the teachings of Islam.”

Social media experts say the fad may not disappear anytime soon, due to Western influence on Malay culture.

“Due to changes in values, ways of thinking and adoption of cultural influences from Western societies, this trend will not disappear but will thrive in modern times as long as there are no sanctions by religious institutions to resolve the issue by controlling society,” wrote Associate Professor Dr Awang Azman Awang Pawi from the University of Malaya.




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