Ahead of midterm elections, President Biden’s poll numbers remain generally low

Polling across the board seems to show President Biden’s approval rating is at a new low, and one poll this week showed 6 in 10 Americans would vote for someone other than Biden if the election were held now.

A new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll released to The Hill on Monday showed Biden’s approval rating at a new low of 39 percent. A Fox News poll this week showed sixty percent of Americans would “probably” or “definitely” vote for someone else if an election were held today, which is higher than both of his predecessors at this time in their first terms. 

In the same Fox poll, 52 percent of respondents said they would vote for someone other than Trump if the 2020 election were held today, and 51 percent said they would vote for someone other than Barack Obama if that election were being held now.

President Biden’s approval rating has dipped 6 points since November, when it came in at 45 percent. The Biden administration is facing several crises at once, with Russia on the brink of invading Ukraine, inflation soaring, and the coronavirus pandemic still affecting all facets of American life.




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Laura is a freelance writer out of Maryland and a mom of three. Her background is in political science and international relations, and she has been doing political writing and editing for 17 years. Laura has also written parenting pieces for the Today Show and is currently working on writing a collection of remarkable true stories about normal people. She writes for FBA because unbiased news is vital to unity, and readers deserve the facts free of opinion.

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