Democratic lawmakers say this ‘could be the last anniversary’ of Roe v. Wade

Democrats have urged the Senate the to cement abortion rights into federal law in light of the Roe vs. Wade anniversary. They warn that the Supreme Court decision may be overturned in the future.

“Today could be the last anniversary of #RoeVWade as law of the land,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts tweeted on Saturday. “But this isn’t the end of the fight. Not even close. The American people are on our side. We must fight back for abortion rights and reproductive justice—and we must #ExpandTheCourt to rebalance it.”

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont also tweeted his support, writing: “Abortion is a constitutional right” [Yahoo News].

Vice President Kamala Harris also shared a video praising the protection Roe v. Wade granted to women and said the administration would work to protect reproductive rights despite threats by laws like the one in Mississippi. “We must remain firm in ensuring that our country is not pushed backwards on women’s reproductive rights,” she said.

Harris also advocated for the Women’s Health Protection Act, federal legislation that she said would codify Roe v. Way. The bill passed the House in September but is unlikely to pass in the Senate because it has not overcome the filibuster by reaching 60 votes [FOX].

Democrats in the Senate have been trying to eliminate the filibuster in order to pass a couple of laws. This move has been blocked by Republicans and two Democratic senators.

Senator Kirsten Gilibrand (D-NY) tweeted on Saturday, “Mitch McConnell eliminated the filibuster to ram through Trump’s extreme, right-wing Supreme Court justices who might overturn [Roe v. Wade]. We can’t let the filibuster stop us from passing the Women’s Health Protection Act and defending our reproductive freedom.” Other Democratic Senators also took to Twitter to express their concerns.

These comments come as many pro-life activists came to Washington, D.C. this weeked for the March for Life and National Pro-life Summit, marking the 49th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision. Many activists are hopeful the decision will be overturned before the 50th anniversary.




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