Canadian high school drops Prince Andrew as its name amid sexual abuse allegations

Prince Andrew High School in Nova Scotia is accepting submissions for a new school namesake as it seeks to drop its affiliation with the royal amid sex abuse allegations against him in connection with Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Andrew was stripped of his royal and military titles earlier this month as the sexual abuse case against him moves forward.

The high school named after him in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, will soon be accepting suggestions for a new name amid the growing scandal. “We are changing the name to move in a different direction due to the negative reports about Prince Andrew,” said principal Craig Campbell to CNN.

The lawsuit against Prince Andrew, filed by Virginia Guiffre, alleges Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficked her as a minor and forced her to have sex with his friends, including the prince and others. A federal judge in New York earlier this month allowed the suit to move forward, prompting the Canadian high school’s decision to change its name.

The high school is the latest in a string of institutions named after controversial figures to change its name, following the removal of many Confederate statues in the United States, and the renaming of military bases and other facilities named after Confederate figures.




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