Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in multi-car crash on Sunset Boulevard

On Friday, actor and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a multi-car wreck while driving near the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Allenford Avenue.

According to a report from the Los Angeles Police Department, Schwarzenegger was driving his Yukon SUV when a collision took place between his vehicle and a red Prius making a U-turn.

After the initial hit, Schwarzenegger’s Yukon rolled on top of the Prius, continued rolling, and ended up crashing into a Porsche Cayenne and another vehicle that was at the intersection waiting for a light to change. As the impact occurred, it was severe enough that the airbags in the SUV occurred.

“Neither alcohol or drugs are suspected as a factor in this collision. All parties remained at the scene,” said the LAPD. 

One injury was reported as a result of the crash, and the woman, who suffered an abrasion on her head, was transported to a hospital in an ambulance. Luckily, the injuries were not life-threatening.

According to a spokesperson for Schwarzenegger, the former governor was not injured in the accident. “He is fine, his only concern right now is for the woman who was injured,” the representative noted.

Schwarzenegger, 74, became a politician in 2003 when he ran for governor as a Republican and won. His victory ousted Democratic Gov. Gray Davis in a recall election. He was then reelected in 2006 and departed office in 2011. He remains the only person in California history to be successful in winning a gubernatorial race in a recall election.

After he left political service, Schwarzenegger still commented on the political climate, noting his concerns over the riot at the U.S. Capitol last year and partisanship. “I’m worried about both parties,” he said. “Both parties need to come together and work together because you cannot have just run the country on 50% of the brainpower. You need 100% of the brainpower.”




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