NFL player arrested after walking around nude, assaulting a police officer

New footage has been released showing Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Malik McDowell charging naked at a Florida police officer and assaulting the deputy. He was eventually tasered and arrested outside of a preschool on Monday.

Following the arrest, the player was released on $27,000 bond Tuesday evening, but he was charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer with violence, and exposing his genitals in public.

McDowell had previously been arrested in 2019 for driving under the influence and assaulting police in Michigan, and he is still on probation for that conviction.

An arrest report from the incident that occurred on Monday states that the Browns player might have left the officer with a permanent eye injury. McDowell, at 6-foot-6 and 295 pounds, was also tasered during the violent arrest. 

McDowell had been spotted at the gym just an hour earlier, and TMZ released video on Wednesday showing him greeting people at the facility and sharing a few hugs. A source near to McDowell has confirmed the authenticity of that video.

After his trip to the gum, the 25-year-old Detroit native then went next door to the hotel where he was staying in Deerfield Beach, Florida to take a shower. He then left the hotel naked less than an hour later, in broad daylight, and walked over to the nearby preschool called The Learning Experience. 

Although police have not accused McDowell of being under the influence of drugs, his attorney, Adam Swickle, has suggested to some media outlets that ‘somebody may have slipped him something.’ Still, footage of McDowell assaulting the officer supports the claims made in the arrest report.

The preschool was open at the time but went into a brief lockdown when teachers noticed ‘a gentleman roaming the parking lot without any clothing on,” said company spokesperson Nan Zamora. “He seemed to be not himself,” continued Zamora. 




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