Television station sues Long Island weatherman Reed McDonough for quitting job

Reed McDonough, 27-years-old, apparently quit his job as a meteorologist with no notice only five months into his two-year spot as a weekend weatherman.

He is now being sued by his former employer, Long Island News 12, as the network says it was forced to scramble to fill the slot in his absence.

McDonough allegedly began complaining about the commute he had to make to the company’s Woodbury studio after he took the job in February of 2021.

He said he was getting “grief…from his significant other for spending too much time at work,” the station notes in the Manhattan Supreme Court filing against him. The station refused McDonough’s July 16 request for a change in his schedule, then he quit just three days later, according to News 12. 

The former weatherman now works for Google as a “strategic sourcing specialist.” According to News 12, he “ignored efforts to compromise on his requests and minimize “the harm his sudden resignation would cause.”

The lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages continues on to say, “As a result, News 12 devoted more than 200 hours, including significant amounts of executive management time, to the process of securing coverage for McDonough’s sudden and unexpected absence.” The company added that it paid “premium compensation” in order to cover his on-air shifts.

Lou Pechman, McDonough’s attorney, so far has harshly criticized the legal filing as “a baseless lawsuit with a false narrative.”

McDonough’s social media bio still has him listed as a “News personality,” and he included other titles such as “Meteorologist & Journalist” and “NYC Real Estate Agent.” Photos of his time at News 12, including one from what appeared to be the day before he quit, still remain as well. 




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