Jan. 6th hearings ‘are going to blow the roof off the house,’ Rep. Raskin says

The upcoming hearings on the U.S. Capitol riot will “blow the roof off the House”, Rep. Jamie Raskin has claimed. Raskin made the comments during a Zoom call with a group of activists.

“We are going to do everything we can to subpoena all the information we need and to enforce our subpoenas,” Raskin said in the remarks first reported by Yahoo News.

“But even if we don’t get every last person in there, we are going to have hearings that I believe will be compared to the Watergate hearings, because they are going to blow the roof off the House in terms of explaining to America what actually happened in the attack on our democracy.”

“I hope everybody will watch and I hope everybody will discuss it and then it will lead to a report that, I hope again, will be a game changer in terms of American history,” Raskin said.

When asked about the possibility of holding Trump responsible January 6th, Raskin promised “a reckoning.”

“But you know, the guy’s a walking crime wave, and he has committed crimes all over the country, including sexual harassment and assault on a lot of people. There’s bank fraud and there’s real estate fraud and there’s tax fraud,” Raskin said. 

“And there are prosecutors all over the country, looking at all that stuff. I don’t want us to fetishize Donald Trump that much, he will meet you know, his maker, one place or another, there will be accountability and a reckoning with the law.”

Raskin, who served as a manager during Trump’s second impeachment, believes that the hearings that were soon to commence would have an impact. 

“This is the most bipartisan committee I’ve ever been on, with a great Democratic chair and a great Republican vice chair and what I see is constitutional patriots working every single day and every single evening to get the truth out to the American people before it’s too late.”




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