Cyberattack knocks out Ukrainian government websites, Russia suspected

On Friday, a cyberattack shut down several government websites in Ukraine. Although the origins of the attack have not yet been identified, Ukraine officials have claimed that Russia was most likely behind it, especially given their recent buildup of troops at the border of the two countries. 

About 70 of the Ukraine government department websites were hacked. A message on the country’s foreign ministry site written in Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish apparently read, “Ukrainians! All your personal data has been uploaded to the public network. All data on your computer is destroyed, it is impossible to restore them.”

The page additionally referenced “historical land,” featuring versions of the Ukraine map and flag that had been crossed out. 

The hackers were speculated by Ukrainian officials to be from Russia, as other hackers from Russia have been attributed to targets on other parts of Ukraine’s infrastructure in recent years.

A 2015 attack shut down parts of the power grid. Since that date, Russia was also blamed for attacks on the country’s weapon supply as well as the Kiev airport.

The NotPetya cyberattack in toto, for which the United States charged Russian hackers, also impacted the Ukrainian government and banking system, in addition to a state power distributor and entities in Russia and the U.S. The latest attack comes as Russia mobilized 100,000 troops to Ukraine’s border. 

“All information about you has become public, be afraid and wait for the worst. This is for you for your past, present, and future,” the message allegedly continued.

Other sites that were targeted included the state emergency service, state treasury, and the ministries of education, foreign affairs, sport, energy, agrarian policy, veterans, and environment. Ukraine’s security service said, though, that personal data was not at all affected. It added that most services have been restored. 




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