Mask mandates in schools and daycares will continue in New Jersey, Gov. Murphy says

Governor Phil Murphy said on Monday that the New Jersey school mandate will continue, even without the consent of the state Legislature

The governor did not specify how much longer the mandate would be in place or say how he planned to continue it, whether by executive order or as part of a legislative deal with lawmakers.

“I want to be clear with, by the way, with no joy that the mask mandates in schools and day cares centers will continue at least for the foreseeable future. These requirements, again, give us no joy, but they are the only responsible course of action at this time,” Murphy said.

The governor’s emergency COVID-19 powers and orders, which include requiring students and staff to wear masks inside school buildings, is set to expire Tuesday, but Murphy, without a vote by the Legislature, said he won’t let that happen.

“The mandate is going to have to stay in place for some amount of time longer. So, I would just say that I don’t have specific construct for you, but we’re working very cooperatively with the legislative leadership to make sure that we have a good pathway forward, particularly given the overwhelming tsunami that we’re dealing with,” Murphy said.

Murphy said in a tweet that the state has recorded 384 total outbreaks in schools since they reopened at the end of last summer. The outbreaks have impacted around 1,900 students and 340 staff, the governor said. “Our layered approach to safety is helping to minimize the spread inside our schools,” Murphy’s tweet concluded.




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