Two former transit police officers pay $12,000 each to MBTA after being paid more than they earned

Two former transit police officers have been put on probation and paid more than $12,000 restitution to MBTA as a result of receiving pay they did not earn.

Former LIeutenants Kenneth Berg and Jason Morris were charged with larceny over $250 for time theft. 

According to, Berg received $8,460.97 for 26 regular and 39 overtime shifts between June 23, 2014, and June 16, 2015, that he did not work. Morris received $4,354.55 for 16 regular and 16 overtime shifts between October 2, 2015, and December 24, 2015, that he did not work.

In December, a judge ordered the two to pay back the MBTA and serve three months of pre-trial probation.

District Attorney Rachael Rollins said in a statement, “The integrity of the entire criminal legal system rests on the integrity of those who work within the system. When officer of the law commits a criminal act, it strikes at the very heart of our criminal legal system. How can we be holding people accountable for misdeeds and actions when we are cheating, lying, or stealing ourselves?”

Both officers resigned from their positions. A third former MBTA Transit Police office, SGT. Michael Adamson has also been charged with larceny for a similar offense (WCVB). His case is still pending.




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