The View reportedly struggling to find conservative co-host after Meghan McCain’s departure

When Meghan McCain left “The View” in August, Executive Producer Biran Teta initially told the Wrap that he was “taking a little time” to find a replacement. Since then, ABC has tried out a variety of conservative stand-in hosts.

Nearly six months in, the show has yet to settle on a permanent replacement. And now, the longtime co-hosts are upping the pressure to pick a successor, and voicing their frustration at having to introduce new guest hosts week after week in a seemingly endless process that they find disruptive to the flow of the show.

“It’s driving Whoopi crazy,” a former ABC News executive told The Post. “Having people come in and out with no one permanent interrupts the flow.” But some wonder why a conservative outcast would even want to join.

“Don’t underestimate how mean some of the people at the table can be,” the former ABC executive said. “There are those who won’t want to sign on because of that.”

“‘The View’ hasn’t had a conservative host in a long time,” conservative author Candace Owens told The Post. “It was kind of a joke to hire Meghan McCain in the Trump era. She was not reflecting the views of conservatives in the country and she was lambasting us. They have a fear of having a true conservative on the network. These ladies aren’t exactly the most intellectual ladies. I don’t think they work in truth.”

McCain’s last episode aired on Aug. 6 after she appeared on the show for four seasons. The 37-year-old has said she wanted to move her family to Washington, DC.

McCain, who is considered a moderate conservative and has distanced herself from the Republican Party, made her dislike of President Trump obvious during her time on the show.

A source at ABC close to “The View” denied executives are struggling to find a new, conservative co-host and said the plan always was to try out a mix of past guest co-hosts and new people as the new year kicked off.




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