Mom allegedly put son in trunk because he had COVID-19, needed to be quarantined

A Texas mother faces criminal charges after she reportedly put her 13-year-old son in the trunk of her car, because he tested positive for COVID-19 and she didn’t want to contract the virus, authorities said.

Sarah Beam, 41, allegedly packed up her son and took him to a drive-thru coronavirus testing center in Houston on 3rd of January, according to local outlet KPRC.

Witnesses reported hearing noises coming from the trunk of Beam’s vehicle when she pulled in to the testing center at Ken Pridgeon Stadium, according to court documents obtained by the outlet. Bevin Gordon, the health services director at the site, asked Beam to open the trunk, revealing the teenager lying down inside, the charging docs state.

Beam, who has worked as a teacher in the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District since 2011, explained she was trying to isolate her son. “(The mother) stated that she put (her son) inside the trunk to prevent her from getting exposed to possible COVID while driving (him) to the stadium for additional testing,” the filing says.

Gordon told Beam that he refused to do any testing until the teen was removed from the trunk and seated in the back seat of the car. He then proceeded to call the police.

The school district runs the testing site and has its own police department which investigated the incident. The police confirmed that the child “was not harmed.”

The Cypress Fairbanks ISD Police Department said a warrant was issued for Beam’s arrest Friday on child endangerment charges. Beam most recently worked as a teacher at Cypress Falls High School. She has been placed on administrative leave.




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