Mafia fugitive caught after being seen on Google Street view

A Sicilian mafia fugitive who was on the run for nearly 2 decades was caught after being seen on Google Street View.

Gioacchino Gammino, 61, was tracked down to Galapagar in Spain, which is a town near Madrid, after a picture showing a man resembling him was seen speaking outside a fruit shop.

Police believed he was in the country but had been unable to find him. “The photogram helped us to confirm the investigation we were developing in traditional ways,” said Nicola Altiero, deputy director of Italy’s anti-mafia unit (DIA).

Gammino was going by the name of Manuel, according to Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper, and had previously worked as a chef at a restaurant called La cocina de Manu (Manu’s kitchen). A Facebook profile for the now-closed restaurant revealed a photo of Gammino, who was recognizable by a scar on the left side of his chin. The business also offered a “Sicilian dinner”.

Gammino was once the boss of the Stidda mafia group in Agrigento, Sicily, according to La Repubblica. The group is often rivals with the well-known Cosa Nostra mafia. He was investigated in the 1980s by an anti-mafia judge called Giovanni Falcone, who was later killed in a bomb attack.

Gammino managed to escape from Rome’s Rebibbia prison in 2002 while a film was being made there, and a year later was sentenced to life for murder. He evaded capture ever since, and was reportedly surprised his life in small-town Spain had been uncovered.

After his 17 December arrest, Gammino reportedly told police: “How did you find me? I haven’t phoned my family for 10 years.” Ms Altiero from Italy’s anti-mafia unit said he was currently in custody in Spain.




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