Former Trump Press Secretary Grisham says she has ‘cooperated fully’ with Jan. 6th committee

Ex-Chief of Staff Stephanie Grisham met behind closed doors Wednesday night with the House select committee on January 6. 

Grisham was spotted outside a House office building leaving the Capitol Hill meeting, telling reporters she ‘cooperated fully’ with the Democrat-led group, according to ABC News. Grisham, who also served as press secretary to former President Donald Trump, was the first high-level aide to quit during the attack on the Capitol

“I cooperated fully and will continue to do so,” Grisham told reporters as she left a closed-door hearing at the Capitol. She did not answer questions about the nature of her testimony.

The meeting came about after Grisham and Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., a member of the panel, spoke by phone about her knowledge of what happened inside the White House on the day of the riot. The news about the meeting was first reported by CNN.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., told NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell on Wednesday that the committee hopes to learn more from those close to Trump about “what the different lines of effort were in terms of overturning the election.”

“And given her proximity to the president, given her involvement in the White House, I think there’s a lot that she could potentially tell us. And we hope to learn as much as she can share with us about those efforts to overturn the election, but also what the president did and didn’t do in the run up to and on that terrible day,” Schiff said.




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