Cyber Ninjas, known for conducting Arizona voting review, announces the company is shutting down

The company that conducted the review of the presidential vote in Arizona is now shutting down and has laid off its employees.

Cyber Ninjas, a firm out of Florida, was behind the review of Arizona’s 2020 presidential vote. The company has said the firm is insolvent.

According to the New York Times, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors delivered a live stream rebuttal of Cyber Ninjas’ claims on Thursday. They showed that all claims except for one involving 50 votes were a mistake, misleading or false.

Cyber Ninjas refused to hand over its records of the vote review to The Arizona Republic after requested under the Freedom Of Information Act, and a judge has since cited them for contempt.

The firm received a $50,000 a day fine until the records are produced. By the end of the week, lawyers reported that the first was insolvent and workers had been laid off. The shutdown has since been confirmed by spokesman Rod Thomas. Thomas said it is unclear if the company will declare bankruptcy.

David Becker, executive director of the nonprofit Center for Election Innovation and Research, said, “These fake reviews were never designed to identify problems. They are designed to be part of a long con.”

Karen Fann, Republican, and State Senate president said in a statement that “Maricopa County took an important first step with us yesterday and we look forward to their cooperation to improve voter confidence in our elections going forward.”




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