Larry Elder will not run for governor, forms PAC to help GOP candidates instead

Conservative radio talk show organizer and former candidate for California governor during a recall election, Larry Elder, said on Tuesday in a media statement that he would not challenge Governor Gavin Newsom next year.

The statement indicated that he instead has formed an “American Elder” political action committee to help Republicans regain control of the legislature in the midterm elections this year. 

“I wanted to make a difference, so I ran for governor,” said Elder in his statement. “You may not know what the future will be politically, but the ability of the campaign to collect millions of votes and millions of dollars in a very short time has a message that resonates with Americans.” 

During the recall election, 46 candidates, 9 of whom were Democrats and 24 of whom were Republicans, ran for the office. Of the 12.8 million voters who took part in the recall activity in November, 61.9 percent opted to keep Newsom as 38.1 percent voted for his removal and replacement.

Although he could not take over in Newsom’s place, Elder was the leading candidate, winning 48.8 percent of the voters’ selections. His votes totaled 3.5 million. According to the statement, the American Elder PAC is planning to launch a public education campaign in order to directly attract voters as well as raise funds for Republican candidates.

In only two months, Elder became a leader in the Republican Party, drawing national headlines and attracting enthusiastic crowds to rallies. His campaign said he raised at least $22.5 million during his eight-week effort prior to the election.

Before November, Elder had not made it clear whether he would be seeking another rematch with Newsom: “Many people have invested their hopes and dreams in me,” he said. “Many feel that I can make California better.” 




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