Well-known Austrian Holocaust survivor “Mrs. Gertrude” dies at 94

A 94 year old Holocaust survivor widely known as “Mrs. Gertrude” has passed away after a battle with a long illness, according to her family.

Gertrude Pressburger became widely-known in Austria during the country’s 2016 presidential election, when she spoke out about the threat of far-right ideals. In a video message issued during the campaign, she warned of hatred and exclusion by the far-right and gained a significant following. 

Austrian President Alexander van der Bellen honored Pressburger in a Tweet on Saturday, saying “the death of Gertrude Pressburger fills me with deep sadness … Mrs. Pressburger had the courage to tell her story as a Holocaust survivor. She had the courage to stand by her opinion. To address facts. To speak the truth.”

Pressburger and her family were captured and sent to Auschwitz concentration camp in 1944, where they were separated. Pressburger’s father, mother, and two younger brothers were murdered by Nazis.

Pressburger was able to return to her home of Vienna after the war, where she stayed largely silent about her experiences until she co-wrote a book called “Gelebt, Erlebt, Ueberlebt” or “Lived, Experienced, Survived” with author Marlene Groihofer.

“I did not come back to Vienna to be oppressed again. I swear to myself that I will not put up with anything anymore. I’m going to fight with my mouth,” Austrian Press Agency quoted her as saying.




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