New York Attorney General subpoenas Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump

New York’s Attorney General Leititia James has issued subpoenas for former President Donald Trump and his two oldest children.

It’s in regards to an ongoing civil investigation into the family’s business practices, according to a court filing Monday. The move comes as the attorney general also is seeking the testimony of the former president.”

Late Monday, lawyers for the Trump family sought to quash the subpoenas, casting the requests for testimony as driven by politics. “The history of the attorney general’s long-standing targeting and threatened prosecution of former President Trump and his business dealings has, at this point, been well chronicled,” the court document stated.

The attorney hit back, insisting that Trump has repeatedly sought to derail the inquiry. “For more than two years, members of the Trump family and the Trump Organization have continually sought to delay and impede our investigation into Donald Trump and the Trump Organization,” James said in a statement.

“But despite their names, they must play by the same rules as everyone else. These delay tactics will not stop us from following the facts or the law, which is why we will be asking the court to compel Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Ivanka Trump to testify with our office under oath. Our investigation will continue undeterred.”

Eric Trump, an executive vice president at the company, was previously subpoenaed and provided his testimony in late 2020. An attorney for Trump earlier Monday reiterated his claims that the investigation is politically motivated.

“Letitia James is the single most unethical Attorney General this country has ever seen,” said Alina Habba, an attorney representing Trump.

“The way she has weaponized her office through this political witch hunt exceeds all bounds of prosecutorial standards and violates basic constitutional rights. Her actions are a threat to our democracy and I plan to hold her accountable to the fullest extent.”




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