Apple becomes first company ever to top $3 trillion market value

Apple, Inc. became the first company valued at over $3 trillion on the first trading day of 2022, before slipping back just below the $3 trillion mark the same day.

On Monday, Apple’s shares briefly reached $182.88, putting the tech giant’s market value over $3 trillion briefly, before the shares dipped back down and put Apple’s market value back just underneath the $3 trillion mark again.

The record high shows Apple’s significant growth in recent years. In 2018 Apple celebrated topping $1 trillion in market value, and in just four years it has been over $3 trillion. Since the takeover of Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, in 2011 upon the death of former CEO Steve Jobs, Apple’s market value has risen steadily. In 2017, Apple shares came in at $29.48, and closed at $179.70 on Monday. 

Apple stands alone in the $3 trillion ranking, but shares the accomplishment of reaching over $2 trillion with Microsoft, and the two are joined at $1 trillion market values by Google, Amazon, Tesla, and Saudi Arabian Oil Co. 




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