January 6th committee announces they are preparing to release their findings

After six months of work, the House committee tasked with investigating the January 6 riot at the Capitol is preparing to release their findings.

The committee has interviewed over 300 witnesses, collected tens of thousands of documents pertaining to the day, and even traveled around the country to talk to election officials with whom former President Donald Trump had communication.

In the next few month, members of the panel are set to begin revealing their findings as Trump and other allies have consistently looked to put a stop to certain parts of the investigation.

Trump has also rejected the claim that his speech on that day as well as his previous comments regarding election fraud instigated the chaos that ensued. The committee, however, will face the burden of trying to convince the American people that their conclusions are reliable and fact-based. 

The nine lawmakers, composed of seven Democrats and two Republicans, say they all agree in their commitment to tell the entire story of January 6 as they plan televised hearings and reports to bring their findings to light.

Important goals of the committee have been to not only expose the severity of the riot, but also make clear the connection between the day and Trump’s rhetoric leading to it. 

“The full picture is coming to light, despite President Trump’s ongoing efforts to hide the picture,” noted Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney. “I don’t think there’s any area of this broader history in which we aren’t learning new things.”

Cheney currently is serving as the committee’s vice chairwoman and is one of the two Republican members. She added, “I think this is one of the single most important congressional investigations in history.” 




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