Eric Adams sworn in as Mayor of New York City at Times Square New Year’s celebration

Eric Adams was sworn in and gave his inaugural address as Mayor of New York City just after the ball dropped at Times Square’s iconic New Year’s Eve celebration.

Adams, 61, is the second black mayor of New York City, and was sworn in using his family Bible and holding up a photograph of his late mother, who passed away last spring. Adams then gave his inaugural address, promising New Yorkers the city would not be “controlled by crises” in 2022. 

“This pandemic has not only impacted us physically, but emotionally, and I’m going to really encourage people in this city to just find that inner peace, no matter what we’re going through. We have been through tragedies before. This is a resilient city and a resilient country and I want to bring that energy,” Adams said to the crowd.

Adams won the NYC mayoral race in November, succeeding Bill De Blasio, who reached his term limit. Adams, retired NYPD, positioned himself as a moderate Democrat and campaigned on a platform of bridging the divide between citizen and law enforcement.




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