Twitter suspends account of Dr. Robert Malone, a prominent scientist and COVID vaccine skeptic

Twitter suspended the account of Dr. Robert W. Malone, a prominent scientist and virologist instrumental in developing mRNA vaccine technology who has been criticized for his skepticism of the COVID-19 vaccines’ safety.

“We all knew it would happen eventually. Today it did,” Malone wrote on his Substack blog Wednesday, saying the suspension was permanent. “Over a half million followers gone in a blink of an eye.”

Malone’s account, @RWMaloneMD, is no longer active and has been labeled with an “account suspended” notice.

Malone contributed to the development of mRNA vaccine technology, performing an experiment as a graduate student at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in which he blended strands of mRNA with fat droplets which, when applied to human cells, caused the cells to start producing proteins, Nature reported. Malone hypothesized that this newfound technology could be used to treat illnesses as a drug.

Twitter’s decision was met with some criticism. Paul Mitchell tweeted, “Dr. Robert W. Malone, inventor of mRNA technology and vocal skeptic of the approved vaccine narrative has been permanently suspended from Twitter. Shameful.”

Hedgeye wrote, “This is the doctor & virologist who essentially *invented* mRNA vaccine technology. Regardless of his opinion on Covid/Vax (you DO NOT have to agree), you can’t just suspend these people bc you don’t like their voices @paraga.”

Consumer Freedom Project Tweeted “Why does Twitter hate scientific debate? 400 years ago, Twitter would have banned Galileo for saying the earth revolves around the sun…”




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